2-16-22 Update on Book Series Authored by Dr. S.P. Lewis

2022 should be an interesting year.  It is looking like printing of a series of books written by Dr. Lewis will begin before it concludes.  The main title is “Cationic Polymerizations Resource: Non-living Polymerization of Olefins.”  The work will be divided into a minimum of three volumes with an approximated page count of around 1,500 pages and 4,000 references.


One of the frustrating things about this field is that no book presents it in a manner such that any chemist can walk away with a good understanding of the topic.  This work differs greatly in that anyone with a basic understanding of chemistry can master the field after reading it.  You don’t have to have a polymer science degree or even a Ph.D. in chemistry to understand the material contained in these books.  At the same time this book series contains such a wealth of information that even those who have practiced this technique for many years can learn something new.  Updates on the generation of gallery proofs, final proofing, printing, etc. will be provided as things progress.

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