Buying Precious Metals, Safe Assets in Uncertain Times

Disclaimer: The author is not a financial advisor, etc.  The following brief discourse is simply the author’s thoughts and experiences after following the precious metals markets since 2008.  All readers must use their own discretion when making investments and they alone are responsible for the outcome of their own actions.

This is the first non-chemistry related blog post that I have written in a long time; however, it is very prescient in context to the present time.  In 2008 I was driving along the Lee Highway to northern VA.  For some time I had been hearing various commercials on the radio regarding buying gold.  More or less I paid little heed to them.  Truth be told I always loved silver, mainly because of its appearance but also because I was exposed to its compounds as a young chemist.  I also liked gold, especially the alloys that contain Cu commonly seen in jewelry from India.  Still I didn’t have any desire to buy either one although I was open to the idea.  I think my being open to the idea was the result of an epiphany I had in 2005 when another chemist said something to the effect, “well, what about building seven?”  It took the blinders off my eyes because I, like the bulk of the American populous, was completely ignorant of the real world to the point that I didn’t even know simple facts. 

During this drive to the DC area despite having heard these commercials before a thought came into my mind and it told me to sell my mutual funds.  It also recommended I buy gold and silver.  This all transpired shortly before the 2008 crash and when I returned home I took a chance, something that didn’t seem to make any sense, and I followed the instructions I received.  Maybe only one month later the markets collapsed and I had averted a serious loss and I’m grateful to God for the advanced warning and advice.

Since then I have recommended that people consider the safe-haven that such metals offer.  Most who I have espoused this to have ignored the advice.  These are the very same people who I warned back in 2011 and onward that serious conflict would arise between the US, Russia, and China.  Now given the current environment, both geopolitical and also the financial sector (e.g., inflation, bubbles, free money), I can’t help but think that those very same people are now regretting the fact that they ignored my advice.

Over a period of almost 15 years I have learned quite a bit about this topic.  I am not going to discuss all of its intricacies in this posting but I will say that in my opinion everyone should have some physical gold and silver on hand at all times.  Should the reader have a desire to purchase metals I do have a recommendation of where to go and you can message me through the contact form (make sure to include your name and email address) and I will point you to a company that so far has been the absolute best to deal with out of a total of five that I have dealt with over the years.  I’m also willing to provide names of a few others that I have also had good experiences with as well.  Since I’m not paid to advertise for any of them I will not name them here.  I highly recommend the reader do their own digging to learn more about this sector because there is a lot of information freely available on the internet.

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