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Since adding a blog to my website I’ve notice a disproportional number of readers from Latin America.  Although I do appreciate your patronage I’ve been unable to accept and post (thus far) 100% of comments coming from such readers.  Seeing that my targeted audience is those who have some sort of affiliation to the sciences I welcome commentary related to those issues and spam anything that is outside this realm or geared towards self-promotional purposes (e.g. websites that promote travel and other non-science related services).

Oddly enough, people from these regions apparently enjoy reading my blog series on the Goat Man.  Because of this, I want to take a few minutes and dispel any misunderstanding about the true nature of the Goat Man.  Although the Goat Man is an intellectual crook who steals ideas from others (including the assumed name that he has used while residing in the US) he is not a chupacabra (i.e. goat sucker).  No, unfortunately this individual is not as benign a being.  In fact, to make such an association is to malign the chupacabra.  Unlike the Goat Man (who hides behind the façade of being a great scientist and a self-proclaimed patriot of the U.S.) the chupacabra does not disguise its true nature.  Instead, everyone knows the chupacabra when they encounter it (just ask Coast to Coast AM listeners).  Still, there are some parallels between the Goat Man, the chupacabra, and their prey that I should point out.

Just as a chupacabra preys upon weak herding animals (e.g. goats and sheep) the Goat Man too has lived off the life blood of ideas of herd like research scientists and students.  This sort of prey too, is sheep-like in its behavior, mentality, and lack of courage.  Furthermore, the Goat Man one ups the chupacabra by stealthily feeding off the endless life blood of the public as a whole using their tax dollars to fund his feeding frenzy.  Unwilling to put up a fight, they too become a tasty meal for the “sucker of inventions” just as sheep and goats are for a chupacabra.  It is said that the chupacabra has the ability to put its prey into a trance-like state prior to feeding and thus reduces the effort required to fulfill its needs.  Likewise, the Goat Man has mastered this skill and fooled a great many individuals into thinking he is a prodigy as they offer their wealth of knowledge to him on their own free will when in fact he is nothing more than a parasite.

Fortunately, just as people are becoming aware of the chupacabra they too are waking up to the Goat Man.  Recently a student of a former student (now professor) of the Goat Man told me that the validity of works published by the Goat Man have been questioned and in some instances would appear to have been falsified.  Another comment was the proclivity of the Goat Man to publish so extensively in a certain journal, one which as it turns out he served as an editor to (that little fact seemed to escape these people’s attention).  I found it laughable that Sam informed me the Goat Man stated that is former student of his (now professor) “always steals my best ideas.”  One would think this former member of the Goat Man’s herd might have something to say about that but all I’ve heard is silence [ 🙁 ] despite contacting him directly.  As I have previously mentioned, the Goat Man has left a visible trail of deceit and thievery throughout the chemical literature (some of which has been and other which will be publically disclosed in the not too distant future).  These clues are similar to the corpses of livestock that the chupacabra leaves behind during its nocturnal feeding frenzies.  Just as farmers have taken extreme measures to protect their animals the witnesses to the Goat Man’s acts should be called to duty in carrying out long deserved justice.  Despite having raised the alarm to many (including previous prey victims), I have to note that it would seem that I am the only one to have what Latin Americans would refer to as “huevos.”  With that I’ll close with the following.  That being, the Goat Man’s time of reckoning is fast approaching!!!

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