Public Disclosure, Scandium(III) trifluoromethanesulfonate Coinitiated Polymerization of Isobutene (6/21/12)

For some time Innovative Science Corporation has been involved in basic R&D on new systems for the green polymerization of isobutene (IB).  This series of projects (conducted under contract) have yielded a number of interesting and valuable methodologies for the polymerization of IB where benefits include lower energy consumption, high yields, and no toxic solvents required.  In this blog we announce (publically) the details of one such system.

It has been discovered that scandium(III) triflate is capable of inducing polymerization of IB to both low and high MW grades of PIBs in neat monomer (and in aliphatic media) in conjunction with a number of initiator subsets (e.g. halogens, Brönsted acids, alcohols, ethers, nitroalkanes, and water {just to name a few}).  Depending on the identity of the initiator, products with high MWs can be obtained at elevated reaction temperatures.  For example, in one experiment reaction at 0 °C led to the production of PIB with Mw = 250 kg/mol (in limited yield).  In many instances, low MW grades of PIBs with high exo-olefinic end group contents (ca. 80-90 %) can be produced in high yields at room temperature.  Moreover, studies have indicated that the coinitator is itself recyclable and retains is activity upon reuse.

More specific details concerning this research will be disseminated in the peer-reviewed literature.  For those who have interest in owning US patent rights please contact our president, Dr. S.P. Lewis.  Release date 6/21/12

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