The Enigma of Dr. Joseph P. Kennedy

As I stated before in my story on the Goat Man more information is to be released as time permits.  All of the information that will be released is factual and the bulk majority of it is contained in the scientific literature.  During this period I will not make reference to the false name that this individual has operated under for the past 50+ years while residing in the US.  Should any reader know of this man’s true name and origin I am offering a cash reward for this information.  Operating under an assumed name is the hallmark of someone who has something to hide and it should raise a red flag when it comes to an individual’s integrity in addition to what else he/she might be hiding or possibly lying about.  It is laughable that so many so-called institutions of science have not had the cojones to query the Goat Man as to what his true name is let alone under what circumstances was he able to immigrate to the US.  My focus in future postings will not be on these questions; however, I will be exposing a number of shocking findings that are present in the chemical literature and allow the reader to cast their judgment concerning this reptile.