Why Capitalism Has a Maligned Image

The following blog is a response to an article written by Charles Murray in The WSJ (Sat./Sun., July 28-29, 2012 edition).  I don’t want to spend a lot of time picking Mr. Murray’s article apart as it contains many poignant reasons as to why capitalism has gained so much disdain in the U.S. these days; however, Mr. Murray seems to not truly identify nor hammer away at the real reasons why capitalism is such a dirty word these days.  One needs only to look at one of the photographs of a person whom Murray holds up as a poster boy of true capitalism, Mark Suckerberg (the same guy who called users of stupidbook dumb f’ers for trusting their personal information with him), to understand why common Americans think the system in the U.S. needs fixing.  There are a number of reasons (which are intertwined) as to why capitalism has received such a bad rap and this blog attempts to outline them in a concise manner.

First we need to recognize that for the most part, pure capitalism has been dead in the U.S. for many years now.  Sure, there are isolated instances (primarily in the services field {I can’t call it an industry because it isn’t one.}) where some unconnected person actually makes a successful go of things.  Unfortunately, America has continuously transitioned into a fascist form of capitalism that is sometimes referred to as “chrony capitalism.”  What is this and why did it rise to become the predominant form of capitalism for America?  History is replete of examples where prosperous nations slowly become strangled with orders issued by a political elite (which is an oxymoron itself as they are neither elite nor truly political).  As this process develops, in turn the economic, industrial, scientific, and artistic output of these nations dwindles steadily until they fall into a state of disarray and chaos as they spiral downward and finally cease to exist.  These so called representatives of the people are in fact prostitutes; however, unlike those that provide adult services that have actual value to the general public this form of whore only services bankers and global companies, neither of which hold allegiance to any country.  Moreover, there is no difference in the customers they service regardless of party affiliation and very little separates them when it comes to policy.  The laws issued by this pseudo-ruling class are in fact the doctrine of their clientele and specifically penned by them in a way to promote the bottom line by eliminating what J.D. Rockefeller referred to as a sin (i.e. competition).  In such an environment it becomes impossible for true capitalism to flourish.

In the U.S. there are many obvious examples of companies that have benefited from this bastardized form of capitalism.  We only have to look at how companies such as GM, AIG, and others with connections inside the whore house were bailed out.  Other prime examples are Google and Facebook, two of the biggest internet firms who were purportedly started using government monies and technologies obtained through some of our spy agencies in a large part to conduct surveillance on the American public.  I seriously doubt Mr. Suckerburg invented much of anything by himself; he is just a guy with connections.  Likewise, if we look at another photo that Mr. Murray elevates as a great example of capitalism (i.e. the stockbroker) anyone who has a grip on reality realizes that these people today are nothing more than gamblers who suffer no recourse when they make bad bets or break the rules by which the 99% of schmucks are supposed to follow.  Is it little doubt that people despise the twisted version of capitalism that not only allows criminals guilty of crimes on the order of hundreds of millions to billions of dollars to never see a single day in jail but also requires the tax payer to bail them out?

What in turn happens is the general public is faced with global corporations that are immune to the rules and regulations that 99 % of the peons are supposed to adhere to.  Moreover, these same pigs enjoy unparalleled wealth as they are the only game in town when it comes to goods and services.  When such a situation endures these entities become arrogant to the point that they openly treat the customer with contempt and suffer no ill-consequence.  The result of this arrogance combined with the wealth disparity and exemption from the status-quo only further fuels the general public’s hatred of the system that appeared to the create the mess in the first place (i.e. capitalism).  Unfortunately, the common masses fail to see through the smoke and mirrors and recognize that the true beast is not pure capitalism, but instead a bastardized form of it.

This process has further been enhanced by the infiltration of America by communists and other subversive groups hell-bent on the destruction of the U.S.  Let us not forget that in all of recorded history (as we know it) on a per capita basis no country has ever out produced the U.S. in terms of inventions, art, scientific advancement, individual wealth and most importantly individual liberties and freedoms.  Is it little doubt that many on the outside are so jealous that from their very beginnings they wanted to collapse this system?  One way of doing so is to take control of the mind set of people at a young age and turn them against the system which made America great in the first place (i.e. true capitalism).  Such an agenda has been in the works at least since the early 1900s in which those attending public schools are taught early on that this system only aids the wealthy at the expense of the poor.  Thus, they quickly become disillusioned and distrustful of the system that actually made their country prosper in the first place.

Mr. Murray goes on at great length discussing that many of his liberal friends who are ashamed of the U.S. and what it truly stands for are also embarrassed by the fact that they have made money in a capitalist setting.  Instead, they look down upon capitalism and don’t want any association to it despite the fact that some form of this system made them wealthy (no doubt a twisted one at that).  Well Mr. Murray, possibly you need to end your association with such clowns.  As the Bible advises (a book which you probably don’t read often) you should only associate with those that share beliefs similar to yours otherwise you will become tainted and corrupted.  Mr. Murray, the fact is these clown friends of yours are what we call hypocrites and who wants to hang around a bunch of soulless individuals of that sort of ilk?  My guess is that when all is said and done if these very same people where asked to simply donate all of their earnings to the state so that it could be a truly socialist system that they would find some sort of convenient excuse to not do so while still professing to hate the system that made them wealthy in the first place.  I don’t have to go into great length about the ultimate fate of these individuals but that too can be found in a number of religious documents.

How is it that all of these puzzle pieces fit together?  Quite simply, this subject has been one intensely studied for many hundreds of years (so I’ll let the reader do some research here).  Those who have an insatiable thirst for wealth and control realized long ago that in order to obtain their ultimate goals of global control that no one nation could truly stand out from another.  Various tools have been implemented towards this goal (e.g. NAFTA, taxation, regulations, and treaties to limit sovereignty) in order to lower the living standard of those in the U.S. to mirror that of third world countries.  Likewise, similar tools have been used through the guise of standardized education as well as the so called entertainment industry to instill their doctrine in those who should have inherited a system that not only provided them with an economic edge but one of freedoms and liberties that set them apart from all others across the globe.  The main goal of this is elimination of the ultimate sin, “competition.”  That is the bottom line Mr. Murray…