University of Akron/Professor Joseph P. Kennedy Expose, Part 23 (Cover-up in Progress!)

It has been some months since the case of “Dr. Kennedy” was visited.  Following the last blog posting on this topic I attempted to dig up more information; however, a very funny thing occurred.  MY SOURCES ALL DRIED UP!  I won’t go into detail as to what I was searching for but will say the following appear to be true.

  1. No records exist to prove this person’s true identity.
  2. A massive cover-up of this person’s past is underway.
  3. This hiding of facts is not just limited to my sources in Hungary, but extends into the so-called “news” media as well as “universities”.
  4. The “news” media has engaged in spreading falsehoods that portray this individual in a favorable light and yet never did any sort of background check on him.

The information I was seeking in Hungary is supposedly easy to obtain.  So the reader will be quite interested to know that not long after I published the list of fictitious names (only about 5) that this person has operated under, in addition to disclosing the fact that his own biography contains important discrepancies, all of my sources in Hungary disappearedSince none of my sources in Hungary knew of my expose series it makes the cover-up that much more obvious.

Over the course of the next several blog postings I will be pointing out individuals/institutions in the U.S., France, and Canada who are all involved in the cover-up.  I realize that a large number of people worldwide are beginning to wake up to what this person is really about.  I request that you (the reader) begin to put pressure on these institutions including U. Akron and the “state” of Ohio and demand not only an investigation but punishment.*

One last thing I will say is the following.  Through various methods I have found that this person, who refers to himself as “Dr. Joseph P. Kennedy”, has earned the disdain of the majority of students who worked for him.  It is quite amusing to the author of this blog that these individuals** (many who are well-known in the cationic polymerization field) don’t have a single good thing to say about this individual…

* U. Akron alumni need to withhold donations to this institution.  This individual needs to be stripped of rewards for inventions he supposedly made that are most likely the fruits of the minds of his students and should be forced to repay the bulk of his previous wages/pension.

** For the sake of these people I will not mention their names; however, I will point out their complete lack of courage and integrity; a fact which most of them will take to their graves.  The time to speak out is now; otherwise, history will record you in a most unfavorable light.  One other thing I will point out (for the curious reader) is the following.  Through numerous contacts in the polymer field I have discovered that no less than two other “luminaries” in the polymer science field are greatly hated by their students.  Interestingly enough, large gatherings of these students at birthday celebrations held in honor for these great professors are nothing more than hate fests for their students who spend the bulk of their time bad-mouthing their former guru advisor!