University of Akron/Professor Joseph P. Kennedy Expose, Part 24 (Cover-up by Cleveland Plain Dealer and Akron Beacon Journal)

Not long after I began my expose series on Dr “Joseph P. Kennedy” and the various criminal shenanigans going on at The University of Akron I contacted the Cleveland “Plain Dealer”.*  Specifically I went to the editor of this paper as well as a Mr. Thomas Ott who had written a science related article.  Despite repeated emails, the former refused to return correspondence.  I was able to get acknowledgement from the latter who seemed somewhat interested at first; however, as time progressed I was unable to generate a response from anyone at this paper.

Meanwhile, as I began to dig further into the enigma of “Kennedy” I began to uncover inconvenient truths.  During this research I stumbled across two blog articles (“Joseph Kennedy, Akron’s King of Polymers, proves inventors are young at heart” and “Joseph P. Kennedy, Ph.D.”) written by “journalists” at the “Plain Dealer”.  What was most troubling is the authors of these blogs (Robert L. Smith, email =; Terri Mrosko email = appear to be paid shills hired for the expressed purpose of generating propaganda to promote Dr. “Kennedy” as some sort of guru in the polymer field.**  I sent emails (please see below this paragraph) to each of the aforementioned shills but neither had the integrity to respond nor did either reply to any of the comments I left on their blog postings.  So much for getting the plain deal, from the “Plain Dealer”.

Smith and Mrosko email

Around the same time I began contacting the “Plain Dealer” I also sent numerous emails to the editor of the “Akron Beacon Journal”.  The same paid shill behavior was on display, no response.  For those of you who think it is a fluke I contacted Bob Downing (email = of this lower rag (i.e., lower than the “Plain Dealer”) on a story he ran on another topic.  Low and behold I immediately generated a response (see below) despite changing nothing in the way I had been sending inquiries!  When I informed Bob of the problems going on at U. Akron he too disappeared!!!

Downing email

In conclusion, both of the aforementioned papers appear to be on the payroll of either U. Akron or someone at this school.  They are not interested in disseminating the truth but instead are actively involved in covering it up.  It is disappointing but not at all shocking that both papers appear to have long since lost face when it comes to being trustworthy sources of news.***

A final comment that I need to make follows a discussion I had last week with a researcher at a big U.S. oil company.  I was told that a large chemical company in the U.S. recently got burned by “Kennedy” when they hired him and then tried to replicate his chemistry only to find out (oddly enough) that it doesn’t workOh, boo hoo I thought!  I was told a similar story in 2011 by one of the head R&D scientists at BASF, a man who would appear to have been recently screwed again (please see the “Recent News Section” of the website for the posting entitled “More Chicanery in the Cationic Polymerization Field?”)**** this time by a conglomerate of scientists (one being a “Kennedy” crony).  My message to the contact at the U.S. oil company (as well as to the reader) was as follows.  The cowardice of people in the polymer science community is at epidemic proportions.  It does no good either from a business perspective nor scientific standpoint to perpetuate “Kennedy” as some sort of stellar scientist.  Instead it is our duty to point out the falsehoods and other crimes this individual has been involved in.  If you are reading this and you haven’t in the very least told your colleagues about this, posted a comment on articles by these “newspapers”, contacted the American Chemical Society, informed the governor of Ohio, etc. then you too are just as guilty as “Kennedy” when it comes to scientific dishonesty…

* I have put the words “Plain Dealer” inside of quotation marks since it is obvious they are a dealer of bullshit and not truth.  The sad fact is that most people recognize they can no longer trust so-called establishment media any more.  No doubt this paper is a poor reflection of what was (most likely) a reliable source of news.  Likewise there is little question that their demise in turn mirrors the same decline seen in the once proud city of Cleveland in a state that could be more accurately described as the “heart of the rust-belt”.

** Mrosko’s article is preceded by the wordage “sponsored content”.  It would be interesting to know exactly who the sponsor was.  Could it be that the tax payer got hosed again to promote this fraud, Dr. “Joseph P. Kennedy”?  Or maybe The University of Akron paid this newspaper to shill for them?  One thing is for sure, neither Mrosko nor Smith have an ounce of integrity.

*** In the next blog posting we will look at a Canadian “university” that is actively involved in covering up Dr. “Kennedy’s” past.  One has to ask, what is it about this person that is so important that this many different entities are scrambling to hide facts relating to him!

**** I will be reinvestigating the claims of these scientists yet again.  If these experiments fail as did my previous attempts to replicate this chemistry I will be calling them out publicly.